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Thursday, July 28, 2011

RANT: Kevin Iole should stick to boxing

For the vast majority of you out there who don't know who Kevin Iole is, I'll fill you in. He covers boxing and makes a really shitty attempt at covering MMA for Yahoo! Sports. From the first article on MMA of his I ever read, I knew this hack had no clue about the sport, just another boxing fan that was trying to make a dime from MMA. I've actually emailed him a few times in regards to specific articles I've read of his in the Yahoo! Sports MMA section (or UFC section, whichever they have it labeled as that day) but of course he's never replied. Have you ever been in an argument with someone and they realize they are totally wrong, so they have nothing to say?
The most recent pound-my-palm-into-my-forehead moment I had while reading this slop was his most recent offering in that same MMA section on Yahoo! Sports, titled "Mailbag: Evans OK with the haters:" He starts out by talking about how Rashad Evans is going to get a poor reception at UFC 133 when he faces Tito Ortiz, which I agree with. Then.... Kevin exposes his idiocy, his complete lack of appreciation, understanding of the sport of MMA, and general oblivion to actual things that have transpired. Yes, I'm questioning his fandom. Kevin said, and I quote: "...Evans, a former light heavyweight champion who has done nothing but act with class, fight the best, and win nearly all of the time." This fucking moron continues eating foot: "How he's become a villian is beyond me, but it's true."
Wow. Where have you been his whole career, Kevin?
Every word that comes out of Rashad's mouth is smug. He's cocky, rude, and not nearly as intelligent as he thinks. To use an old quote, if I could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, I'd make a fortune. The guy has completely ailenated an entire camp! World-class Greg Jackson's gym, at that. He showed that he's a bitch when he didn't fight for over a year, opting instead to wait to fight Shogun for the title. (irony and justice had it that Rashad eventually was injured, and Johnny Bones Jones jumped in for the shot and won the strap, Rashad is still yet to get that shot) Even Dana White called him "insane" for not fighting in the downtime. Far back as his time on The Ultimate Fighter Season 2 (he was a heavyweight for that) he was a total douche. His first fight on TV, one he won in a unanimous decision against Tom Murphy, he was showboating in the ring, making him no friends with the other fighters (or anyone watching). Coach Matt Hughes was particularly upset with Evan's douchebaggery.
When he fought Chuck Liddell, Evans was dropping his hands, being intentionally disrespectful, showboating. After he scored the KO, he was holding his heart and acting like a complete idiot. It was shameful. During his title fight with Forrest Griffin, Evans was at it again. I'm unsure if it's part of his gameplan, to act like a fucking dickbag, but he's awesome at it. He was literally grabbing his crotch at Forrest at one point.
Sweet, sweet justice was once again served during Evans' first title defense against Loyto Machida. Evans was talking trash and dancing, even while getting hit by Machida. At one particular point, Machida landed hard, Rashad moved to the side while continuing to talk shit, and Machida brutally knocked Evans out, collapsed him like a lawn chair. It was awesome. (I'm including a link to that joyous moment at the bottom of this article)
Basically, unless Kevin Iole missed each of the fights I spoke about, the entire TUF season 2 that Rashad competed on and TUF season 10 where he was a coach, any buildup for the Rampage fight, or has ever heard the man speak to a reporter, he's an idiot. If he did miss all that, well, I'll have to throw him a bone on this one.
Here's hoping Tito knocks Rashad out, and that Iole retires.

Rashad's date with Karma is below, make sure to watch him talk trash in slo-mo and get KO'd:


  1. If there's one thing this says to me is that MMA needs to garner more respect from mainstream sports media. Rags like Yahoo and ESPN treat MMA like the redheaded step child. This needs to change. MMA is one of the fastest growing sports and deserves not to be a footnote.

    Start by hiring writers who give a damn first. If the crap spewed by Iole is the first thing a new fan of the sport reads then that person will be ill informed from the get go.

  2. It's literally impossible for me, a fan who started writing for the very reason, to disagree at all. It physically sickens me when I read crap like that, it could be shaping opinions of people.