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Monday, July 25, 2011

UFC 133 - Tito Saves the Day

Love him or hate him, you probably have an opinion on Tito Ortiz. And it's probably changed once or twice over the years.
In the past few years, I've been pretty damn down on Tito Ortiz.
He worked a great deal to be on TUF with Chuck Liddell- he was even allowed to wear Team Punishment clothing during the show to promote his own brand. I really, really was looking forward to watching Chuck KO Tito once again. I think everyone watching was, except for maybe Jenna Jamison.
Once again, Tito pulled out of a fight. His MMA history the past 5 years has been quite shoddy- he hadn't won since a fight with Frank (father time) Shamrock, and he'd pulled out of his last two fights. I thought he was both ducking Chuck, and feeling like he was done as a fighter.
As we all know now, Tito was not and is not done. The matchup he ended up taking and actually following through with was a fight with what was arguably the most risky opponent he could have taken at the time- Ryan Bader.
Bader was fresh off his first career loss to Johnny Bones Jones. Bader had learned, he was pissed, he was hungry. And he was being fed an older, shadow of a former champion with a similar, but aged skillset in Tito. Another wrestler-first, G&P second style of fighter. The issue is, Bader is a better wrestler, is younger, stronger, and faster.
Out came Tito's gameness. Visibily excited, elated to come out and fight, Tito came to the ring with a roaring crowd, and fans at the edge of their seats at home. Did he have a shot? Was he going to get creampied?
Amazingly, Tito wades in, closes the distance, and lands flush on Bader's chin with solid overhand right. Bader drops, and Tito wastes no time following him down, slapping on a guillotine choke, and finishing. It....was......amazing.
Thousands, if not millions of fans worldwide just had their minds thoroughly f****d. Tito won! I like Tito? I like Tito!! I can't wait to see him fight again!!!

In a second shock in the resurgent 2011 for Mr. Ortiz, he steps up to take the fight against Rashad Evans in the main event of UFC 133 on short notice when Phil Davis goes down with a knee injury. Every person who gave Tito a clean slate after his victory over Bader was rewarded with his contract heroics- we all get to see a fresh, reinvented Tito Ortiz fight another former champion in short notice, on the biggest stage of the world, a UFC main event! This matchup is very similar for Tito- he's fighting a younger, more accomplished wrestler with seemingly better speed and hands. Will Tito be able to pull off the unthinkable? Two 5-1 upsets in a row?

I can't freaking wait to find out. WAR ORTIZ!! (did I just say that?!?)


  1. Ok. I'm interested now!

  2. That was a truly amazing fight for Tito, and yeah if he had lost as everyone predicted it would have meant the end of his career as an elite fighter... But what a comeback fight for his career; and in the immortal words of Bart Scott, "CAN'T WAIT"!!! to see him in action against Evans.