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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jon Jones vs. Alex Gustafsson, one of the top 5 robberies in the History of MMA

Jon Jones should know beyond a shadow of a doubt - he just lost that fight to Alex Gustafsson. He was beaten, he was battered, and he received a number of firsts:
He was taken down (twice! not sure what fight you saw, but he landed two takedowns, albeit one didn't stay down long....points are points.) for the first two times in his career.
He was stuffed! Repeatedly! Gustafsson stuffed 10 of Jones' 11 takedown attempts. No one's ever had that kind of takedown defense against Bones.
Head strikes, of the significant variety. You know, the most important ones? Well, Gustafsson landed more in 4 of the 5 rounds. He even landed more body shots too, in each of the final 3 rounds.
The only thing Jones seemed to do well was land about 25% of his spinning back elbows. Those were generally thrown in frustration, when Bones couldn't get the better of the striking exchanges.
The only strike that Jones seemed to land with efficiency was that Wing Chun front shin kick that hyperextends the knee. Sure, only bitches throw that kick, but I digress...

This isn't boxing. A title match should only be different in the number of scheduled rounds, 5 vs. the normal 3. The Champion is not to be given any advantage in scoring. The challenger does not have to go above and beyond what any fighter would have to do to win a round from any other fighter.
Must I remind everyone the rules of MMA scoring in the sanctioned states in the USA?
Scoring officials are told to use the following guidelines when evaluating:
-Effective striking. This is to be judged and determined by the total amount of significant strikes landed.
-Effective grappling. To be judged and determined by the total amount of takedowns, reversals, guard progression, and aggressive, threatening guard from bottom position.
-Control of the fighting area. To be judged and determined by which fighter is controlling the location, position, and pace of the fight; by creating and dictating the striking exchanges, submission attempts, counter grappling, and guard passing.
-Effective aggressiveness and defense. This is quite self explanatory.

When one steps back and places the Jon Jones and Alex Gustafsson fight into this system, it's quite clear who won the contest. Go back and watch the fight again, and score it for yourself, and let me know what you think.
I understand why the UFC, Nike, Gatorade, Fox, the list goes on- would not want Jones to lose. I'm not saying anything fishy is going on, but I am saying the judges gave Jon Jones the boxing champ's advantage. Which is bullshit.


  1. Right On! Nice to see you writing again.

  2. Fat Fighters Could Dominate MMA.

    There is no defense for fat. If Roy Nelson was 6'10" and the same BMI as he is now he would crush anyone and any style.

    Jones would lose if he moved up to heavy weight.

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